Introducing Smart HMI- Weintek cMT3071

We all know how much HMI is important to any control process. We use HMI to control the operation modes, change the parameters, check the status of sensors/actuators, to input order or to check and reset the alarms. Besides all these basic features, HMI’s are also capable of new technological features like SQL, MQTT, Diagnostic viewer etc.

Code and compile present 5 videos on Weintek HMI cMT3071 in which you will see how to interface an HMI with PLC-like Siemens S7-1200 and Delta 12SE. Furthermore, you will see how Weintek HMI cMT3071 is capable of getting diagnostic information from PLC. Not only this, this HMI can be viewed and controlled via smart devices like Mobile or tablets in easy steps.

This playlist includes the following videos:

  1. Unboxing Weintek HMI cMT3071
    n this video, I am unboxing Weintek HMI cMT3071 which can link up to 300+ PLC’s with features like OPC, SQL, and MQTT.
  2. Interfacing Weintek HMI with Siemens PLC
    In this video, I’ m interfacing Weitek HMI with Siemens S7-1200 PLC
  3. Interfacing Weintek HMI with Delta PLC
    In this video, I’m interfacing Weitek HMI with Delta DVP 12SE PLC.
  4. Monitoring and Controlling Weintek HMI on smart devices
    In this video, I’m interfacing Weitek HMI with Delta DVP 12SE PLC.
  5. cMT Diagnoser tool in Weintek HMI
    In this video, I’m reading diagnostic signal in HMI diagnoser window

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Rajvir Singh