What is

Signal Lamp

Signal lamps are used for status indication or as warning device everywhere in factories on machines, conveyors and installations. ifm’s innovative signal lamps offer several advantages over conventional signal lamps and are therefore suitable for demanding applications

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Why you need

Signal Lamp

In general signal lamps must be adapted to the application. Instead of spending time and effort on screwing modules of different colours together, the new LED RGB technology makes it possible to adjust the signal lamp as needed via IO-Link or setting button (e.g. permanently on, low flash rate, high flash rate, different colours, siren). This reduces type variety and stock-keeping.The LED RGB technology allows the signal lamp to be individualised (permanently on, low flash rate, high flash rate, different colours). This reduces type variety and stock-keeping. The lamp can be put into different operating modes, e.g. analogue mode for level indication. 7 different signal sounds can be set for the siren.


Signal Lamp is so much more than just a lamp. Order it now

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Technical details of

Signal Lamp

Following are few of the technical details of Signal Lamp:

  • Nominal voltage: 24 VDC
  • Current consumption < 200mA
  • Communication layer: IO-Link
  • Weight: 644 gm
  • 5 LED Segments: 5 x 4 LEDs
  • Acoustic signal via buzzer

Product review of

IO-Link master starter kit



Following are the downloads available to use for personal use: (click on the file name to download)