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PLCnext Technology from Phoenix Contact is the unique, open ecosystem for modern automation that can meet all the requirements of the IoT world.

The combination of an open control platform, modular engineering software and systemic cloud integration enables easy adaptation to changing requirements and efficient use of existing and future software services. With the PLCnext Store, Phoenix Contact offers the PLCnext Community an open trading platform for their software functions.

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PLCnext Technology starter kit

The Phoenix Contact AXC F 2152 PLCnext technology starter kit enables the functionality, handling and high performance of the PLCnext technology to be tested in a small application. PLCnext technology extends the use of a PLC in a digital Linux environment for edge computing with access to additional data via IoT systems and more flexibility with open source code. PLCnext presents a development environment that offers HTML5 visualization and seamless integration of high-level languages. The Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started with PLCnext technology.


The Starter Kit includes exclusive free access to Phoenix Contact PROFICLOUD for one year. The PROFICLOUD offers direct integration with the PLCnext control and can be used for the safe collection, visualization and storage of machine and process data in the cloud.

The PLCnext controller is hardware that combines the reliability and safety of a classic PLC with the openness and flexibility of a Linux-based control platform.


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With this comprehensive starter kit, you can immediately test the benefits of PLCnext Technology right on your desk.

What is included in

PLCnext Technology starter kit

With this comprehensive starter kit, you get the following

  • PLCnext Control AXC F 2152
  • Supply voltage switch module
  • Digital input (8) and output (8) module
  • Analog input (2) and output (2) module
  • Potentiometer module
  • 8 Switch module to stimulate the Digital Inputs
  • 1-year PROFICLOUD license
  • 24V 1A universal power supply unit with country-specific adapter plugs
  • CAT5 patch cable
  • Getting Started Documentation.

Educational Web series - Starting from Scratch

PLCnext starter kit



Following are the downloads available to use for personal use:

Download Training Presentation for PLCNext:

Author: Dave Eifert, Vertical Marketing Manager, PLCNext Technology

How to interface

PLCnext Technology starter kit with Raspberry pi via OPCUA and MQTT