FACTORY I/O License Siemens Edition (Yearly)

$210,00 $171,00

This license gives access to Siemens drivers via which you can link FACTORY i/O with Siemens PLC S7-300, 400, 1200, 1500, PLCSIM (without PLC). The support will be given to link the PLC with FACTORY I/O. A quick start up course on FACTORY I/O will be given free of cost along with this license.


You can buy FACTORY I/O Siemens Edition License with allows you to link the following version of Siemens PLC:

  1. Logo
  2. Siemens S7-200 Smart
  3. Siemens 200/ 300/ 400
  4. Siemens S7 1200/ 1500
  5. Siemens S7 PLC SIM V5
  6. Siemens S7 PLC SIM V13/ V14

What you can do with FACTORY I/O?

  • 3D Simulation of Industrial Applications designed to Practice PLC Programming
  • Turn your computer into PLC Training Kit
  • Work with any PLC
  • Common Industrial Application
  • Build your own Scenarios

Get to know more about FACTORY I/O via these videos:

License Validity: 1 year from the date of activation (not purchase date)
Download Trial 30 Days Version here