Condition monitoring using SICK SIG350

This article presents an illustrative example demonstrating the measurement of temperature and vibrations using the MPB10 sensor and SIG350 from Sick Sensor Intelligence.
Aug 25 / Rajvir Singh

IO-Link masters are getting SICK!

Check out SIG350 (EtherCAT version) from 👉 Sick Sensor Intelligence which can not only sends the data via EtherCAT but also supports OPC UA, API and MQTT. This diagram illustrates the process of observing data from the MPB10 condition monitoring sensor on the dashboard through the utilization of EtherCAT and EoE.
Our setup involves the implementation of the ctrlX CORE as an EtherCAT master. The data can be retrieved from the ctrlX CORE either through the ctrlX Data Layer or directly from the SIG350 using OPC UA and API over 👉EoE
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Why to measure Temperature and Vibration from motors?
Accurate temperature and vibration measurement in motors is crucial for preventive maintenance. Elevated temperatures can indicate potential failures, while abnormal vibrations signal misalignments or mechanical issues.
Timely detection enhances motor lifespan, minimizes downtime, and ensures operational efficiency, reducing costly repairs and production interruptions.

Node-RED flow

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