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Code and Compile is an E-Learning platform offering courses on Automation and IIoT.

We are driven with years of experience, passion and enthusiams to offer fun and engaging platform to meet your requirements
Unlock your learning potential with a dedicated Customer Success Manager, guiding you to online learning success.

Alina Nerlich  
Software Developer and Customer Success Manager
Experience in making learning fun and enagaging from last 12+ years.
Rajvir Singh   
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Bangalore, India
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This school is best for you if you are facing one of the following:
  • Limited options for hands-on training 
  • Keeping up with ever-changing advancements in Automation and IIoT
  • Lack of comprehensive learning resources
  • Compatibility and Integration Challenges
  • Skill gap and training opportunities
  • Lack of mentorship and guidance
  • Instructor support while learning
Featured Instructor
After 12+ years of experience in Automation and having more than 100000+ students from over 170+ countries, I am excited to say that I can offer you right tools and platform to learn while have fun.

Rajvir Singh

Founder, Code and Compile

What we offer?

Product reviews

If you have product related to Automation or IIoT which you want to share with key audience then reach us out for possible collaboration

Learning material

Want to create a learning course for your employees, team or students? We offer structured courses for your product and services

Career Guidance

Wondering what to learn, from where to start, where to find resources? Contact us and we can have a coffee call to find a solution