Visualize your OEE data on Peakboard

This article presents an illustrative example showing OEE data from a simulated virtual factory on the Peakboard dashboard.
Dec 4 / Rajvir Singh

Creating dashboards 📊 feels like a serene meditation session ❤️🧘

Guess what? I'm back with my second take on Peakboard, and this time, it's all about showcasing my OEE data from a Factory simulation environment created on Simumatik. 🏭✨

Creating dashboards on Peakboard is not just a task; it's a blast! 🔥🎉 The ready-to-use widgets make the process super fun and incredibly efficient.

But wait, how did I crunch those OEE numbers? Let me break it down for you:
Quality Calculation: I'm diving into the production counts (Good and Bad parts) from my factory, all communicated by the S7-1500 PLC via OPC UA.
Availability Check: I'm considering total available time, system stop time, and run time to get the perfect metric.
Performance: It is based on ideal production time, total parts created, and system run time to gauge the performance.

And here's the magic equation:

OEE = Performance x Availability x Quality.

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🌟 The fun doesn't stop there! You can seamlessly share this OEE data with 3rd party applications via MQTT, SQL, API, SAP, and more. 🔄

Curious for more insider info on Peakboard? Just hit me up or explore further at Peakboard. 📊💬

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