From factory to smart factory in no time!

This article presents an illustrative example demonstrating the capabilities of Peakboard Box which is a magic box to create amazing looking dashboards in few minutes
Oct 13 / Rajvir Singh

Creating dashboards 📊 feels like a serene meditation session ❤️🧘

 I could lose myself in it all day ❤️. Let me introduce you to the wonders of Peakboard's magic device – the Peakboard Box!

Imagine a device that effortlessly connects with over 100 data sources. In the illustration below, witness real-time data flowing📈 from diverse PLCs through Modbus TCP/IP, OPC UA, S7 Comm., MQTT all converging into the Peakboard Box. 🌐✨

And further, sending the processed data 🚀 to HiveMQ MQTT broker.

No programming skills needed!
🎨✨ You can mold your data effortlessly using the intuitive Block editor 🧩 or Lua scripts 📑. And the best part 😎😍? Your creations can easily journey to the cloud for analysis via MQTT, opening a realm of possibilities! 🌥️📊

✅If you do not have a Peakboard box, don't worry you can check their free Peakboard designer tool at 👉
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