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Advanced simulation digital twin technology

The Simumatik Platform puts the power of digital twin technology in your hands. Why settle for limited scenario simulations, when you can create a virtual system that behaves exactly like the real thing.
"Not your average simulation software."
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Runs locally and on the Cloud
Include assets- Embed anything in your project
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With 2D Drawing tool feature
Create your own components
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In this video, you will see how you can use FACTORY I/O to simulate an industrial process within fraction of seconds and further on how to link Siemens S7-1200 PLC with FACTORY I/O

What you can learn with Simumatik?

PLC Programming

Integrate any PLC to simulate the 3D environment. Simumatik supports OPC UA, S7 Connection, MQTT, Micro AB PLC and many more drivers


As well as the most common automation technologies: PLC simulators, Modbus, OPC and many others.

Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Bring large-scale industrial applications to the classroom.

Build and emulate your own Lab

Use a library of industrial parts to build your own training scenarios.See more
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