IT-OT Integration using SIA Connect

This article presents an illustrative example demonstrating the possibility of sending factory data to the cloud using SIA Connect and displaying the analytics on reTerminal from Seeed Studio
Sep 23 / Rajvir Singh

So much in love with these two devices 🥰:

✅'SIA Connect'- No code Edge gateway for IIoT & Industry 4.0 🌍
✅'reTerminal' from Seeed Studio - All in one PLC, HMI and Edge Gateway device 👩‍💻

  • In this dataflow, I am reading data from various PLCs 🏭 which supports different communication protocols 🚀.
  • It took me more or less 30 minutes ⏲️ to setup this workflow 📈.
  • The data is displayed on the Node-RED dashboard created on reTerminal which act as MQTT Broker 🌟.
  • Furthermore, SIA Connect makes it extremely easy to upstream the data to the HiveMQ MQTT broker 

Thanks to Seeed Studio and SIA Connect for introducing these devices to me ❤️
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