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SIGN4- Get your PLC alerts on Mobile app

Rajvir Singh
SIGNL4 - Get your PLC alerts on Mobile app

📢 Super excited to share my next video 📹 on the SINGL4 app from📱which is a game-changer for efficient and reliable alerting 🚨In this video, I am reading the alerts from the shop floor and sharing it to the team via APIs. 💥

I am thrilled to experience how this app can revolutionize communication and incident management for teams. 🚀🌟

✅Thanks to ctrlX AUTOMATION that I can use ctrlX CORE to host Node-RED which bridges S7-1200 PLC and SIGNL4 server. 🚀 Thanks to Simumatik where I could quickly designed a simulated environment 🏭

The information flow🧑‍💻:
1️⃣ The Simulated system 🏭 is controlled via S7-1200 PLC
2️⃣ Node-RED running on the ctrlX CORE reading alerts from the S7-1200 via S7 connection.
3️⃣ Node-RED processes the alerts and sends these to SIGNL4 server via API.
4️⃣ SIGNL4 distributes the alarms to the team ensuring important notifications reaching the right people at the right time. ⏰🔔
5️⃣ My favourite ❤️: The user brings the system to the maintenance mode via SIGNL4 app

✅ Try SIGNL4 for 30 days free trial version to test drive the alert management platform. Head over to their website 👉https://www.signl4.com

Don't miss out on this incredible platform—watch my demo video and let me know what you think! 🎥😄✨
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