Storing PLC data in the excel sheet via Node-RED

Aug 21 / Ahmed Tharwat
We are happy to highlight one of student's project (Ahmed Tharwat) who is using Node-RED to store the PLC data in the Excel sheet. Check out the video below!
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Storing PLC data in Excel sheets is pivotal for streamlined operations. Excel offers a centralized hub for data, aiding collaborative decision-making.

Storing PLC data in Excel is really important. Excel keeps data in one place, helping teams work together. Graphs and charts make data easy to understand, and old data helps fix issues faster. Excel also makes machines work better, creates special reports, and works with other tools. It's like a safe backup for data too. In simple words, Excel helps factories and companies do better by organizing data, solving problems, and making smart choices.
👨‍💻Ahmed Tharwat
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