Story 1: I did what my father wanted me to do..

Short stories that turned my life in the direction I wanted
Rajvir Singh
Like every teenager, I was also clueless about my life 🤐 . In the year 2004, I was living in Chandigarh, and after clearing my 10th standard, I had no idea what to do after school. At that time, we did not have much internet or awareness in our society. We often took advice from our relatives or friends  👥.

I lived with my family in a factory (we did not have a house 🏠 ). Sounds strange, right? In this factory, we had two rooms and a kitchen to live and survive. Life was not as social as it was for other teens. There were no parks 🌳 , play areas 🏞️, cinemas🎥 , or theaters 🎭 nearby to enjoy the evenings. I would play cricket on the street with the neighborhood kids and often meet my cousin.

Sometimes, I would watch my father cutting metals on the lathe machine. Occasionally, I would help him by putting coolant on the cutting part. If you're a mechanical engineer, you know what I'm talking about 😄🔧 .

We got in touch with our neighbor, who owned a factory  🏭 and was one of the critical industrialists in the area. He guided my father to have me join the Indo-Swiss Training Center located in Sector 30, Chandigarh. I was like, "What is this 😵 ? If it has 'Swiss' in it, I should try it!" At that time, I didn't even know where Switzerland was on the map  😂🗺️. 

This institute only accepted 70 or 75 students from all over India per year. I put my best efforts into preparing day and night, learning amidst the sounds of machines from the factory. Luckily, I passed the exam  😊. It was the first and only competitive exam I have given until today 😋.

That was it. I joined the Indo-Swiss Training Center at the age of 16, and my world changed after that 😎🌍.

😎✅ If you want to know more, I will continue in the following posts .I am happy that you took the time to read my journey from being a PLC Program to a content creator, entrepreneur, Educator, and Influencer in Automation and IIoT world.

What did I learn ?

No matter what your surroundings are, you can shape yourself to achieve whatever you aim for. We just need to know- What we want? Why do we want it? and Take BIG Action! It's not the lack of resources, it's your lack of resourcefulness that stops you - My life philosophy from Tony Robbins