Using Turck TX707 HMI/PLC Series to read Factory data

This article presents an illustrative example demonstrating the capabilities of Turck TX707 HMI/PLC Series to read data via various communication protocols.
Sep 23 / Rajvir Singh

🥰 I love bringing various devices to let them talk together👩‍💻😎

Finally got my hands on Turck TX707 HMI/PLC Series which has CODESYS V3 PLC with Target WebVisu 📊.

  • I tried several communication protocols like PROFINET, EtherCAT, MODBUS TCP/IP and it worked flawless. It also supports MODBUS RTU, CANopen, SAE J1939 and EtherNet/IP. 🚀
  • If you are looking for a powerful HMI with PLC inside to read/write the data from your shop floor, then check out this Turck TX707
  • The workflow below is just an illustration to show the possibility of reading data from Micro850 PLC, Delta 12SE PLC, ifm- IO-Link master, and SICK Sensor Intelligence- IO-Link master 👩‍💻.

Special thanks to ❤️:
- Chien-Hsun (Josh) Chuang to let me play with Turck devices 👩‍💻
- Vikan Chirawatpongsa - To connect me with Turck 🚀
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