Lesson series

PLCnext - Next Generation PLC

Learn about PLC Programming (Digital and Analog), OPC UA, MQTT and Cloud interfacing
PLC next controller and a laptop screen showing buttons, bionderic code, the OPC UA and mosquitto logo





What this course is about?

This course is not only about PLC programming unlike many other courses. In this course you will learn PLC programming with digital and analog IOs, visualizing signals on HMI, Interfacing PLCnext with Raspberry pi via OPC U, MQTT, interfacing PLCnext with IBM Cloud using in-built Node-RED platform. 

Furthermore you will enjoy the quiz to test your skills

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Course Lessons

The course is offered through video lessons, text documents, exercises, quizzes, and solutions. Furthermore, some LIVE webinars are offered exclusive to the Code and Compile student community. 

What you should learn next!

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