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Factory Automation 

Simumatik- Digital Twin in Mechatronics and IIoT

Design and control all your Mechatronics and IIoT Project on Cloud
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    Simumatik logo with a S7-1200 PLC device, a robot and a screen showing a assembly line and the mosquitto and OPC UA logo



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    Code and Compile presents you with an amazing cloud-based emulation platform i.e. Simumatik to use all your ideas to create intelligent Mechatronics systems using PLC, Conveyors, sensors, or IIoT devices.

    In this 90 minutes course, you will learn
    • How to develop virtual mechatronics systems
    • How to interface the system with Codesys and Siemens S7-1200 to control the system using your algorithm
    • How to interface the system with MQTT Broker via Node-RED to connect to the IIoT world
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    Course curriculum

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    Check out Simumatik academy with more lessons on PLC, Robotics and IIoT

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