Our Services

We offer a range of services related to Automation, IIoT, product reviews of IIoT products, IIoT projects, and digital twin models. We can help you to automate your processes, implement IIoT solutions, review your products for your business, and develop custom digital twin models to optimize your operations. 

Our Services 

Product Promotion

Do you want to bring your product to life through captivating video storytelling

We offer product video creation and promotion to an audience of 150000+ via our social media network.

Industrial Projects

Stuck in your project? Want to program your PLC, control your Robot, create digital twin, system dashboard or send data to the cloud?

We offer programming services related to Automation, digital twin and IIoT.

Group Training

We have special seat management offers for schools/ universities to provide Automation and IIoT courses to bulk audience.

Write to us to book a demo and help us to understand your need.

Digital Twins

If you are looking for Factory Simulation to test your product or service, we can develops customized digital twin models that accurately replicate your physical assets and processes, enabling you to make informed decisions and improve performance.

E-learning School

Want to start your own E-Learning School? 
We help building your E-Learning School with user-friendly interfaces, multimedia, and intuitive navigation to provide effective online learning experiences.

Guest Webinars

Our guest webinars offer expert insights on Automation, IIoT, and digital twin technologies which will enable you to stay up-to-date and informed on the latest trends and developments in these fields.
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Our clients

The following are our clients with whom we have closely worked on various projects like product reviews, products
 advertisement, content creation, project assistance
related to industrial automation and industrial internet of things 

What our Truly satisfied clients says about us?

Ira Sharp Jr

Director of Product Marketing, Phoenix Contact USA
In a word... Rajvir is "Awesome!" I had the pleaser of working with Raj over the past 1-2 years on various social media projects including YouTube videos on the Code and Compile platform to a Podcast. Raj is very professional and truly knows his stuff. What started as a business relationship has morphed into a friendship. Thanks for being great Raj!

Dave Eifert

International Man of Mr. IIoT
I had seen Rajvir's YouTube series on PLCnext Control. He did a very thorough job of touching on and demonstrating many of the capabilities of this controller. I reached out to Raj via LinkedIn, He INSTANTLY answered back, and asked if he could get on line with me via TeamViewer and showed me how to correct my problem! EXCELLENT KNOWLEDGE, SURPASSED ONLY BY SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Most highly recommended!

Jasmin Heim

Director Marketing, Business Unit Automation and Electrification Solutions, Bosch Rexroth AG,
We are thrilled to be working with Rajvir Singh. He conveys our topics around ctrlX AUTOMATION in a very understandable way and shows how easy the system works. The collaboration is going flawlessly and we really appreciate how independently Rajvir creates the content, hitting the tone of the target group.

Mikel Aryani

CEO, Simumatik
We started working with Rajvir as a collaborator, with the creation of a Youtube series. Given the good results and his proffesional skills, the relation and collaboration has keep growing. He creates great content and is very easy to work with. Thanks for all your help Raj!