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Code and Compile

Code and Compile is a passion of Rajvir Singh to create quality video tutorials related to Industrial Automation and control. He believes in making learning easy and fun. As an educator he loves to implement innovative 3D-Learning methods to make education easy & interesting.

You can contact us if you share similar interest & would like to work for a social mission of creating a better education system

Rajvir Singh
CEO & Founder

Intuitive content creation

We offer video content, blog posts and social media promotion of your products to reach niche market.

Educational lectures

We offer free/paid educational lectures in English and Hindi for students and engineers.

Smart Technology

Watch monthly videos on smart technologies related to PLC, SCADA, IO-Link sensors and actuators etc.

Technical Support

We offer technical support to our students for e-learning courses and clients for their promoted products.


From Code and Compile

Top 3 E-Learning Courses

With over 10+ years of educational and industrial experience, these courses are designed to deliver quality education in industrial automation. Courses are created by experienced instructor in the area of automation and control.

Node-RED made Easy

35+ HD video lessons on how to use Node-RED and interface it with PLC and FACTORY I/O via MODBUS

Learn OPC-UA with Node-RED

How to create customize OPC UA server and connect it via OPC UA client in Node-RED

MySQL with Node-RED

Learn how to store Siemens S7-1200 PLC data in MySQL database via Node-RED

Upcoming course - Learn MQTT with Node-RED and IBM Cloud

In this course, students will learn how to publish and subscribe to MQTT topics in local and cloud interface.

Are you confused about where to start learning? Check out our course guides below:

Industry 4.0 and IIoT Course Guide

If you are looking forward to kick-start your training in the Industry 4.0 concept using IIoT tools like OPC-UA, MQTT, JSON, MySQL and Cloud interfacing, check out this course guide:

Factory Automation

If you are looking to learn factory automation skills which includes sensor, actuator interfacing with PLC, PLC Programming, HMI designing, VFD/Servo programming, SCADA interfacing then check out this guide.

Course of the month

Learn Node-RED with OPC UA

New to OPC UA? In this course, you will learn how to create an OPC UA server in Node-red or interface it as OPC UA client to any OPC UA server.

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